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Best Reblocking Services in Melbourne

If you think that your house would never need reblocking services, you might be a bit wrong!

Due to different soil composition in many parts of Melbourne,most of the houses suffer misalignment. This is because the stumps beneath the houses get depressed due to which the whole house gets cracked or faces depression.

Don’t wait for too long if your house is also going through the structural damage. Call the reblocking experts of My Home Underpinning in Melbourne and get your house reblocked to prevent further damage.

Best Reblocking Services in Melbourne
Best Reblocking Services in Melbourne

Get your home secured by us because:

  • We offer the best value for your money
  • We are fast and reliable
  • Our reblocking experts in Melbourne know about the damage your house is facing

What is Reblocking Melbourne?

Are you aware what does reblocking actually mean?

Have you correctly investigated the problems arising in your house and if your house really needs reblocking?

Reblocking is generally a necessity for houses that are built near a coast. This is because the soil in such areasis loose and clayey. With the passage of time, the wooden/concrete stumps within the house startchipping and rot due to which the stumps sink into the ground.

If timely repair is not done,your whole house may face damage.

My Home Underpinning reblockingexperts replace the old stumps beneath the house with the new ones, thus fixing the underlying damage. The process may sound simple yet requires much hard work.

Signs You Need Reblocking Melbourne Services

If you see following signs in your house, then you should soon call the experts of My Home Underpinning services in Melbourne:

Professional Reblocking In Melbourne
Professional Reblocking In Melbourne
  • If the floors of your house start slopping, you may feel as if you are climbing a hilly area. The doors and the windows in such cases get misaligned.
  • If you see cracks in the houses, on the inside walls, outside on the brick walls or on the floor. Cracks in the walls cause the frames of the doors and windows to crack.
  • Due to continuous changes in weather, the wooden base beneath the house is exposed to moisture that attracts certain pests and termites that start to feed on the underlying wood.
  • Leakages inside the house, plumbing problem, inefficient drainage system causes moisture to set within the foundation, thus damaging the stumps.

The above signs are an indication that your house requires reblocking. However, if you are still confused, call the reblocking specialists of My Home Underpinning services in Melbourne.

Ourreblocking technicians in Melbourne will help you choose the perfect repair service and save your house from thetotal wreckage.

How to choose the best ReBlocking Experts in Melbourne?

Before signing a contract with the experts of reblocking, do find out things they offer:

  • Is the company reliable enough, for how many years they have been in the industry?
  • The type of stumps and pads they are using to reblock the house.
  • At what space they will be placing the stumps and do they provide proper leveling of the house or not?
  • Do they follow the mentioned building regulations quoted by HIA?
  • Have they obtained the council building permit and will they work on the agreed cost?
  • When will they start the work and will they complete it on time?
  • Do compare the quotations of different contractors and the items each one uses for their work.
  • Check their bona fides and take feedback from the customers they have worked with.
  • Do monitor the work they have do

Reblocking Services in Melbourne by My Home Underpinning

My Home Underpinning in Melbourne undertakes a wide range of construction and structural issues. Our reblocking Melbourne services extend to all the residential and commercial areas and have experience of working with larger buildings, factories,and warehouses. Have a look at the services we provide:

Reblocking Services In Melbourne
Reblocking Services In Melbourne
  • Under House Excavation
  • Wedging
  • Strengthening
  • Underpinning
  • Renovations and Re-Stabilizing
  • Re-Supporting
  • Maintenance and Leveling
  • Block work
  • Soil testing and certification
  • Building and Council Permits
  • Organization of Architectural Drawings and Engineering plans

Reblocking Process adopted by My Home Underpinning Experts in Melbourne

The experts of My Home Underpinning take acareful and detailed approach to reblock your house. We are aware how important is the foundation of a house and take care that no such issue takes place during the process. The reblocking Melbourne process followed by our experts is as follows:

  • Our experts pre-inspect the whole house. They test the soil and its porousness.
  • We remove all the rubbish and the obstacles from the foundation, thus clearing the whole area for reblocking.
  • Next, we place the jacks at correct positions at all places to ensure your safety.
  • We remove the old stumps . We dig the hole at the same place and we then remove the soil. Our experts maintain the depth of the wholes to 600mm under the load bearing walls and 500mm where there is no weight.
  • We perform the second round of inspection by the surveyors.
  • After the inspection, we level the house with the help of a computer.
  • After leveling, holes are measured for accurate depths and the right size concrete stumps are inserted inside them which are then hanged to the bearers for concreting.
  • We then concrete the holes. The strength of the concrete we use is 32mpa. A pad of 250mm is left under the stumps so that there is sufficient concrete and solid base to support the stump and the whole house is well supported.

Why call My Home Underpinning experts for Reblocking in Melbourne?

My Home Underpinning specializes in reblocking and has decades of experience in delivering house renovation services in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. We complete our job till our customers are happy.

You should call us because:

  • We provide pre-inspection of the spot and provide free advice whether your house really requires re-blocking or some other repair.
  • Additionally, we provide quality and guaranteed services and have track records that prove quality workmanship.
  • We are HIA certified and have Building Practitioner membership too. Our team is professionally trained that offer excellent services.
  • Further, we take care that no damage occurs to the house during re-blocking process.
  • We have set competitive prices that will surely not be a burden on your pockets.
  • Moreover, we provide quotes for the scheduling the services free of cost.

Best Affordable Reblocking Service in Melbourne

My Home Underpinning is a professional name in Melbourne that provides its customers with the best reblocking services. We Deliver a guaranteed reblocking service for you at low and affordable costs. We make sure that the quality of service we provide is excellent and yet maintain a low cost for you. Our certified and licensed technicians can deliver the best reblocking service for you round the clock. We always take customer satisfaction as our top most priority. Why waste money when you can Hire My home Underpinning today and get the best and effective restumping service at affordable costs. Save your money and time and hire us today we will provide restumping effectively and professionally.

Hire My Home Underpinningreblocking service professionals and prevent your house from subsidence and further damage with reblocking Melbourne services.

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