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Restumping Wandin North. Restumping is the process of replacing old material stumps on a house that uses subfloors as a basis for its building foundations, with new, enhanced stumps.

Expert For Restumping In Wandin North
Expert For Restumping In Wandin North

After years of soil condition changes through every day weather, floods, drought, renovations, wear and tear in the house, stumps shift in their foundation blocks. This leads to structural instabilities. Often, signs of structural decay appear as cracks in the wall, slanting, doors not opening/closing correctly, and uneven flooring. Sometimes, you may notice your residence is over-vulnerable to small earthquakes. By the time these signs start to appear, you know that extensive damage has already been done.


How do you perform a restumping?
Firstly, insurance. Your home and contents should have been insured against structural damage. You will also need to engage a qualified professional to do your restumping, otherwise this may invalidate your policy.
The second step to considering restumping work is getting a visual inspection of the stumps and any visual damage (cracks, slanting and so on). This occurs by digging a 75-125mm into the top soil next to the stumps to determine their condition. This will enable an assessment of whether the stumps need to be completely replaced, or just reset in their blocks.

The third step is stump removal, and here you will often notice the older wooden stumps have decayed significantly. Most modern restumping practices recommend you use concrete or steel, which are not susceptible to termites, rot, and decay.
Finally, most professional restumping services in Wandin North will provide a final report. This ia critical for property evaluation and re-selling, as it provides a record of guaranteed structural renovation for the next 25-40 years.


How long will your restumps last?

Concrete and steel stumps can last between 25-80 years! This means you should have a visual check up every 25 years or so, to assess if any action is required.


What is the difference between restumping and underpinning?
Underpinning tends to use existing flat, concrete foundations as a base structure. As the name implies, restumping uses stumps to ensure structural soundness.

Are you a first timer when it comes to restumping?

Restumping Process In Wandin North
Restumping Process In Wandin North

Restumping is a lengthy, dirty and exhausting process involving the pre-purchase of equipment – timber, steel, nails, putty for example. Often, it can be more expensive just buying the raw ingredients for an inferior final product. In this case, it is highly recommended that you engage a professional restumping provider in Wandin North to do your stumping for you.

RESTUMPING Wandin North Cost

How much does restumping cost?

Restumping is not a quick and easy fix to cost or do the work. Estimates vary, ranging between $8000-$20,000. The size of your property, the age of the stumps and ease of access will have an impact on the final price. For an estimate, engage a professional restumping company in Wandin North to assess this for you before doing the work.


For qualified, professional restumping, you need to engage a provider that offers the following:

  • Professional restumping services
  • Reblocking and restacking
  • Qualified restumping teams
  • Restrumping assessment reports
  • Restumping visual assessments
  • Reblocking Wandin North
  • Restumping resetting work
Restumping Services In Wandin North, Restumping Wandin North
Restumping Services In Wandin North


If you need to engage a professional restumping organisation, simply give us a call today We’ll be happy to walk you through the process described and give you a great restumping outcome.

for you.

Why Hire My Home Underpinning for Restumping Wandin North?

My Home underpinning is a local brand that provides its customers with the best restumping services. Our technicians will deliver restumping anytime you need. Following are reasons were given to hiring us for restumping.

  • More than 20 Years of Experience in Underpinning and Restumping
  • Well trained and Certified Technicians
  • Affordable Underpinning and Restumping Services
  • Guaranteed Quality Services are provided
  • Latest Machinery and Tools
  • Fast and Prompt Response to emergency
  • Local Service in Wandin North
  • Available 24×7, round the clock.
  • Inspections and asses the damage scientifically.

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